Dr. Mendez's Critical Care Ventialtor Workshop

February 27, 2018

Advanced Monitoring on Ventilators: P0.1, Esen, PV Loop, Waveforms, Lung & Diaphragm ultrasounds...etc.

Advanced Modes: PAV+, ASV, APRV, & NAVA

Interactive session/ Simulations: Management of ARDS, COPD, and Difficult Weanings

Pediatric Orientation

February 20, 2018

Joe is a wonderful education coordinator. He took us walking around the hospital and see Pediatric and Neonate intensive care units. 

Student Welcome Day & Check-in

February 19, 2023

Welcome to Baltimore! We are having authentic Korean foods as our lunch! Yammy!

Students are going to departure from Taiwan!

February 13, 2018

The first stop is New York City! Can't wait for sightseeing there!

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